Eglinton Florist. Chica Bunches florist is the closest florist, we are located 5min drive from Eglinton and it allows us to offer Same Day Flower Delivery to all of our customers. We also have Priority Delivery available on certain days. Priority Delivery allows your flower gift to get to the recipient before 12.30pm. You can place an order via our online shop with just a few clicks  Shop Now  

Our florist has been delivering fresh flowers to Eglinton for over 5 years now, and even though there are lots of florists that are popping out on google search one thing you can be sure of is that we are a local and we are a family business.

Eglinton was approved in 1974 as a suburb name and is named after the barque Eglinton. Eglinton postcode is 6034 and it’s a part of city of Wanneroo. This small suburb is definitely growing and being a neighbour to Yanchep and Alkimos it attracts more and more attention. Did you know that Eglinton is getting a train line soon?